Sheriff’s Deputy arrests two after chase and avoiding being struck by car

A Wednesday afternoon pursuit in the Stickleyville section of Lee County has led to multiple charges against two individuals.

Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons reports that Deputy Roger Gates was traveling in Kane Gap when he observed two vehicles following each other and traveling at a very high reate of speed. Gates then turned on his lights and pursued them onto Kimblerlin Road.

Parsons said that Gates caught the rear car, which stopped. He then identified the driver as 37 year old Sara Taylor Pennington Gap. Gates told her to remain there while he pursued the other vehicle.

The other vehicle, a gray Nissan pickup, turned onto a logging road and that came out on Hippie Hollow Road and then onto Dry Creek Road where it turned into a driveway. Gates then ordered the driver out of the vehicle. The driver then continued on into the yard and made a U-turn, accelerating toward Deputy Gates and his cruiser. Gates dodged the vehicle pulled his firearm and shot out the trucks rear tire.

Parsons said Gates continued to pursue the vehicle until it went onto a logging road where Gates could not follow in his unit. He then continued on foot, when the driver of the Nissan exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Gates followed and caught the driver, placing him under arrest at gunpoint.

The driver of the Nissan was 36 year old Jonathan Paul Ricketts of Duffield. He was charged with felony reckless driving eluding, attempted malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer, 3rd offense driving revoked, failure to register a vehicle, and two counts of capias, one from Lee County and one from Wise County. The other driver, Taylor, was charged with reckless driving, driving suspended, and failure to register a vehicle.

Parsons commended Deputy Gates for his persistence in a job well done and bringing the situation to a successful conclusion without injury to himself or others.

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