Sheriff’s Dept December 2017 Stats

  Total calls received by Dispatch: 5,341.
  Total calls received that Deputies responded to: 1019.
  There were 437 calls dispatched to other agencies.
  There were 247 Rescue Squad calls and 13 Ambulance calls.
  There were 36 Fire Department calls dispatched.
  Fourteen escorted Funerals.
  Forty-three vehicles were unlocked for citizens.
  Deputies served 149 warrants and processed 73 people.
  Deputies served 165 subpoenas, 33 show cause summons and 207 other various civil papers.
  Three search warrant was executed.
  Deputies traveled a total of 68,897 miles with 4,435 miles being on transports.
  Deputies transported two juveniles, seven mental health patients and one prisoner from other jurisdictions.
  Lee County Reserve Officers volunteered 72 hours to the community this month.

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