Shawn Michael Gulley Arrested on Multiple Charges

A Scott County Deputy responding to an Intoxicated Driver call from Dispatch, found the vehicle at Burger King and three of the occupants started walking south bound. Two Scott County Deputies and a Weber City Officer spoke to the subjects walking.
One of the Deputies asked one of the subjects, Shawn Michael Gulley, if he had any weapons on him. Gulley stated that he had a pocket knife. He was also asked if he had anything illegal on him. Gulley then told the deputy that he had several needles in his bag. The deputy asked him if he had any drugs and was advised by Gulley that he might have some drugs in his front pocket.
The deputy then located a baggie containing a crystal like substance in his front pocket. Gulley told the deputy that it was Crystal. In his bag, the deputy also found a scale, several baggies, needles, a lighter torch and $87 in cash.
Gulley was then placed under arrest for Possession with Intent. The crystal like substance tested positive for Methamphetamine and weighed approximately 12 grams.

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