Second Amendment Sanctuary Event at Capitol

The latest info on the Second Amendment Sanctuary stance that we’ve told you about previously, is now more than half of all Commonwealth counties have declared themselves to be a part of the movement. Earlier this week, gun rights activists assembled themselves in large numbers at the state capitol to demonstrate their support.  The Virginia First Foundation along with the Virginia Citizens Defense League joined together for the event to speak out against the potential changes to existing and possibly new gun laws previously proposed by Governor Northam.
Culpepper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins has posted on social media that, “Every Sheriff and Commonwealth Attorney in Virginia will see the consequences if our General Assembly passes further unnecessary gun restrictions. I plan to properly screen and deputize thousands of our law abiding citizens to protect their Constitutional rights to own firearms.”
As more and more Commonwealth counties join in the movement with their support, we are left to wonder how Northam plans to implement his laws should they indeed pass next time they’re submitted. Certainly our local Sheriff supports our right to bear arms as law abiding citizens.
Participants of the event in Richmond claim that it’s, “just a warm up” to the January 20, 2020 rally. Further adding an expected lobbying effect is coming, that Virginia legislators haven’t seen in decades. One former Police Officer, James Bates, has stated that “IF they pass all of this legislation that’s out there, they’re going to immediately make felons out of hundreds of thousands of Virginia citizens simply because they own firearms that they’re going to ban.”


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