Scouts in the River Cleanup

Scouts in the River Cleanup will be held on April 24th starting at 8am. Sponsored by the Town of Pennington gap and Girl Scout Troop 603, this is the 3rd year of this program that works to keep our stretch of the Powell River Clean. There is an abundance of trash that collects along the Powell River adjacent to the Pennington Gap Greenway throughout the year. This trash, as everyone knows, hurts our wildlife and takes away from the beauty of our area. This day is set aside each year to remove this unwanted trash to clean the river to its normal, beautiful state.

There are many ways you can volunteer your time along with much needed donation support to help with the valuable project. The Town of Pennington Gap is looking for sponsors for T-Shirts at a cost of $25.00 which puts your company name on the back of the event t-shirts. They are also asking for donations of snacks and water for the participants cleaning the area.

If you would like to participate in this event, the first 100 people to attend and participate will be given a free t-shirt you can wear proudly to show your support. Participant Volunteers are asked to meet that the Riverview Shopping Center Greenway entrance the morning of the event to receive instruction and supplies to help with this cleanup event. So come out and join your friends and neighbors while helping our town and environment.

For more information on the 3rd Annual Scouts in the River Cleanup, you can call the Town of Pennington Gap Town Hall at 546-1177.

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