Scott County Sheriff’s Office Newly Elected Sheriff Edds

Gate City is in for a change of command in the Scott County Sheriff’s Office. Jeff Edds won his election bid, receiving better than 60% of the total votes and beating three opponents. According to Edd’s he is, “humbled, grateful.” Sheriff Edds will take office January 1st, 2020.
One of his defeated opponents was incumbent Sheriff Chris Holden, who had been appointed after the former Sheriff, John Puckett retired earlier this year. Sheriff Edds plans to be as transparent as possible, and improved the communication with other Commonwealth agencies, as well as pursue state accreditation for the Scott County Sheriff’s Office.
In addition to focusing on drugs, he hopes to add school resource officers to every school. Sheriff Edds is also hoping to resolve some issues with the Duffield Regional Jail. Issues concerning transparency regarding how money is used, and including how they’re currently calculating the cost for each county and in turn, how each inmate is affected.


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