Scott County Rotary Club Donates Shoes to School

In Scott County, Virginia over five hundred children received new shoes. The children at Weber City Elementary, one of the fifteen elementary, middle and high schools located in Wise County benefited from their community's generosity this Christmas season, thanks to the generosity and hard work of their local Rotary Club.
Elementary Guidance Counselor of Weber City stated that "After a half year of school and wearing their shoes continually, they are quite worn and in disrepair lots of times." Wilson continued by commenting "I try to put their favorite color or if they're really into Star Wars or something like that, so it's a shoe that they like."
Every year the Rotary Club has expanded their drive to meet the ever growing need. Shoe Fund Chairman Chirs Kimbler stated, "I think this year we're up to five hundred and fifty eight pairs of shoes'"
The volunteers all said it is rewarding work. The school counselor says it helps both the parents and the children to feel a little more secure during the holidays. Remarking that it makes you feel good to see the children's eyes light up with excitment when they receive their new shoes.
Wilson further commented "I think lots of times parents struggle this time of year with providing Christmas and that type of thing. It is a big load off their mind that their kids are going to have shoes, and that's one less thing they have to provide."

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