Scott County Board of Supervisors and VDOT

At the recent meeting of the Scott County Board of Supervisors (BOS) there was good news concerning gravel road conditions in Scott County. The Virginia Department of Transportation announced their progress on improving gravel roads. Allan Sumpter of VDOT stated, “I know we’re not perfect and don’t get everything the perfect way but I have given our area headquarters instructions to make every effort to provide as much maintenance on the gravel roads as they possibly can.”
He added that due to a formula established by Virginia’s legislature, VDOT is not authorized to move funding from primary road maintenance to secondary road maintenance. That means that funding to treat gravel roads is limited.
VDOT has continued work on gravel roads and in the past two weeks has put down 4,200 tons maintenance stone on roadways at a cost of roughly $52,000. According to Sumpter, about $68,000 a year is given to the residence administrator to use at their discretion, and he plans to use the majority of it on gravel roads due to the great need for improvement.
Scott County Board of Supervisors member Danny Mann, along with Chairman David Redwine expressed their appreciation at the effort with Chairman Redwine adding, “Among the VDOT issues, that’s probably our primary concern.”
The Scott County Board of Supervisors will meet again on March 7th, 2018.

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