Schools Dealing With Covid-19 Guidelines

Yesterday we spoke about the new CDC Guidelines concerning people who have been fully vaccinated, the effects concerning vaccinated people wearing masks and mask recommendations for school personnel, students and visitors.  With school starting today, there have been many questions concerning when and where teachers, students and other school employees need to follow these guidelines. 

In Lee County Public Schools, masks will be optional for all students and staff.  However, masks are required to be worn on all school buses by students and staff.  This requirement is to meet Federal Guidelines.  Other Covid-19 preventative measures that will be taken by the school system include screening all individuals upon entering the school and allowing as much social distancing as possible in all learning spaces, activity centers and lunchrooms.  The schools are also encouraged to use outdoor spaces when feasible.  There is also a rigorous cleaning schedule along with urging students and staff to regularly hand wash and sanitize. 

Any person that showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 are urged to stay at home and quarantine will be required for anyone found to have close contact with a person how has tested positive for Covid-19.  There are also provisions in the case our area is deemed to be a substantial or higher rated transition rate.  If this happens, more robust mitigation strategies will be implemented to try and mitigate transmissions in school, at sports activities and during transportation. 

Lets hope the positive cases in our area are kept to a minimum and in our second year of dealing with this pandemic, we don’t enter into a sophomore slump.

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