School Revitaliztion Bill Could Boost Economy in Southwest Virginia

Empty and abandoned school buildings in southwest Virginia may soon be repurposed for use by business if a new bill becomes law in the Commonwealth. Currently local lawmakers are working to interest companies to invest in public properties. Recent consolidation has closed numerous schools across the southwest region and this has left behind many school buildings that could become possible work spaces for businesses.
Separate bills are advancing right now in the State House and the Senate that would provide tax incentives for businesses that convert these empty eyesores for corporate use. There is already interest from the business community and this school revitalization plan could give small towns a much needed economic boost.
Delegate Todd Pillion stated, “Those abandoned school facilities have been community staples for decades and now that they’re sitting there empty deteriorating becoming eyesores and no longer active components of the community.”
The abandoned school revitalization bill was passed unanimously in the Virginia House of Delegates. There is a similar bill that is currently advancing on the Senate side. This legislation is already expected to be passed and signed by Governor Ralph Northam.

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