School Board

As a continuous to Lee County School Board Meeting on Tuesday,

Sheriff Gary Parsons presented to the Council about the new Drug Kits that are available to parents who want to privately drug test their children at home. The kits are available at Lee High School and Thomas Walker, also at the Sheriff's Office.

Parsons also stated that since the bomb threats that occurred at Pennington Middle at the beginning of the 2015 year. FBI has been investigating and a search warrant has been done on a boy from Oklahoma that has made contact with Pennington Middle School from a personal computer and is unofficially connected to the bomb threats.

For the enrollment, there are 3,100 students at the end of April. Down 82 students from this time last year.

The made the following approvals:

Renewed contract with Tri-State Chemical janitorial supplies for 2015-2016 year

Renewed contract with Wright Pest Elimination Contract.

Approved the Head Start Field trips


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