Say Goodbye to Plastic Straws

A new Virginia executive order signed by Governor Northam aims to decrease plastic pollution and reduce the amount of solid waste going to landfills.
Executive Order 77 puts Virginia on a path to eliminate most single-use plastics at state agencies, imposing a near-term ban on several unnecessary disposable plastics and requiring the phase-out of other plastic items by 2025.
Executive Order Seventy-Seven requires all executive branch agencies to stop buying, selling and distributing items like disposable plastic bags, single-use plastic water bottles, styrofoam food service containers along with plastic straws and cutlery within 120 days. The order allows for near-term exemptions for items necessary for medical, public health or public safety uses, as well as long-term exemptions for medical and emergency applications. Agencies will be required to develop plans to phase out all non-medical single-use plastic and Styrofoam items by 2025.
Governor Northam also signed House Bill 533, which bans the use of Styrofoam for all food vendors by 2025. This executive order along with House Bill 533 is probably the first step in trying to eliminate as much single use plastic and styrofoam as possible in the state in the coming years.
With all the trash we see on the side of the road, any trash that can be eliminated should be on everyone’s mind. A lot of work has been done to try and clean our county roads and work continues every day. We here at WSWV thank everyone that has put cleaning our roadsides in motion and the hard work that has been done. This is thankless work but is important to our community in more ways than one.

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