Sargent Stephen N. Jones Graduates Virginia Forensic Science Academy

The Virginia Forensic Science Academy has concluded its Ninety-Eighth Session. Wise County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce that Sergeant Stephen N. Jones has successfully met all requirements and is hereby a graduate, as of June 28, 2019. The Academy’s objective is to provide high-level training to qualified crime scene search officers. Law enforcement personnel learn to properly recognize, document, collect, and preserve – for laboratory examination – items of physical evidence found at crime scenes. The Academy participant becomes familiar with the capabilities and limitations of the modern forensic laboratory in examining the spectrum of materials which can be collected as evidence in criminal cases. The nine-week course of study also provides officers with the necessary background information and practical application techniques which, coupled with the student’s previous experiences, permits maximum utilization of the forensic sciences to their departments and the Criminal Justice System of the Commonwealth.

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