Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes Due by December 5th, 2018

Rita McCann, Lee County Treasurer reminds residents that tax tickets have already mailed this year and any payments you may have made after September 20th, 2018 will not be credited on them as the tax tickets had already been sent to the printer.
Real estate and personal property taxes will be due December 5th of this year. All taxes must be postmarked by December 5th 2018, paid in the Treasurer’s Office by 4:30 p.m. or they can be paid at any branch of Lee Bank & Trust with your tax ticket by December 5th to avoid late fees.
Tax rates are decided by the Board of Supervisors by June 30th of each year. Real Estate tax rate of just under $.62 or $.6187 for each $100 in value is assessed in the owner’s name by January 1st. Properties bought after January 1st remains in the previous owner’s name. Anyone not receiving a tax ticket by November of 2018 should contact the Treasurer’s Office by phone at 276-346-7716.
McCann stated that if real estate is paid by a mortgage company, the tax ticket would be mailed to them. However, if they do not request a ticket then it becomes the responsibility of the owner to send the tax ticket to the company that will be paying it.
Individuals interested in whether they may qualify for Tax Relief, such as those 65 or older and permanently disabled, as well as meeting the financial criteria as established by local ordinances should contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at 276-346-7722. Pre-payment of Real Estate taxes can be made all throughout the year.
This year’s Personal Property Tax Rate is $2 for each $100 in value. Vehicle License Fees are $18 for trailers, Motorcycles are $27.50 and the Vehicle License Fee is$30. Any other Tax Rate Relief inquiries should be directed to the Commissioner of the Revenue at 276-346-7722, and taxes are assessed on January 1st, 2018 ownership by the Lee County Commissioner of the Revenue.

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