Randall F. Rhodus Arrested on Multiple Charges

A Scott County Deputy conducted a traffic stop at Patriot Fuel in Gate City. The deputy stopped a vehicle being driven by Randall F. Rhodus for expired tags. According to DMV files, Rhodus is listed as having a suspended license in Kentucky.
After asking Rhodus if he had any weapons on him, the deputy was advised that he had some knives. The deputy asked him to empty his pockets onto the hood of the car. Rhodus also had a bottle with a baggie in it, which contained a crystal like substance. The suspect informed the deputy that it was indeed methamphetamine. A few syringes were also contained in the bag.
Also in the bag, out of plain sight, was a pair of brass knuckles. Behind the passenger seat, out of plain sight but within reach was a loaded .380 pistol. There was also a minor passenger in the vehicle.
Randall F. Rhodus was charged with Concealed Weapon Carry, Possession of Schedule I and II drugs. Possession of Blackjacks/Knuckles etc, Possession of Controlled Paraphernalia. Abuse or Neglect of a Child, and with Reckless Disregard for Life and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

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