RAM in Lee County September 21-22, 2019

The Remote Area Medical Clinic or RAM, will once again hold a free medical clinic this weekend, September 21st and 22nd at Lee High School, located at 200 General Lane. RAM was created to benefit those with no insurance or not enough insurance. RAM allows free health care to those who otherwise would not be able to attain any.

Remote Area Medical will open the clinic parking lot no later than midnight on the first night of the event. Ticket distribution usually commences at 3am, and patients are then served in numerical order according to their ticket number when the clinic doors open at 6am.

This orderly process will repeat throughout the clinic days. In situations beyond their control, such as inclement weather, volunteer cancellations etcetera, ticket distribution will begin earlier than 3am. RAM encourages everyone who may like services, especially dental services to arrive as early as possible.

Dental, vision and medical services are provided on a first come, first serve basis. Due to time constraints, be prepared to choose between dental and vision services. Medical services are offered to every patient attending the clinic. This RAM event is entirely free and open to the public.

RAM offers free, high quality vision, dental and medical services with no insurance or identification required. Dental services will include cleanings, fillings and extractions. Vision services include, glaucoma testing, diabetic retinopathy screening and eyeglasses. Remember to take in your current eyeglass prescription, within the past year to avoid the wait for an eye exam.


Medical services to be offered will include specialist exams, EKGs, breathing tests, diabetes screenings and education, chest x-rays, medication assistance, pediatric exams, physical exams, hepatitis and HIV screening, sports physicals and skin screenings.
For additional information please visit their website at www.ramusa.org


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