Rally Pennington Gap Group

During the last meeting of the Rally Pennington Gap group at the Community Center, the group provided updates on two different projects. The Vacant Business Front Uplift and the Outdoor Screen for the Theatre objectives were discussed.
The group is doing a great job getting the word out to the community, including social media posts. Spearhead Trail is showing interest in painting/designing two windows, Pennington Middle School plan on doing a school themed window. These group endeavors were revealed during the Tobacco Festival.
LED Sign quotes for the Theatre were obtained, announced and Keith is actively searching for additional funding for the project.
For the next couple of weeks the group will complete the majority, if not all of their Business Front Uplift project. In addition to the projects leaders and team keeping up with budgets, communication and celebration planning, they will also be working on the new LED sign for the Theatre.
The next meeting of the Rally Pennington Gap group will be held November 14th, 2019 at the Community Center.


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