Press Release H. Fuller Cridlin Regarding Augustine Macedo

Press Release from the Commonwealth's Attorney for Lee County H. Fuller Cridlin:
Augustine Macedo was sentenced by the Lee County Circuit Court for charges related to the distribution of methamphetamine and conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. The Court sentenced Macedo to an active term of incarceration of twelve years.
In a statement released by H. Fuller Cridlin he stated;
"Today's sentence is the result of a months long investigation by the Southwest Virginia Drug Task Force, the Lee County Sheriff's Office, and my office. Throughout the investigation and prosecution, we developed evidence that the defendant received deliveries of large quantities of methamphetamine from out of state and both conspired to distribute and distributed that methamphetamine throughout the Rose Hill area of Lee County. Because the charges involved mandatory minimums, the defendant will serve the entirety of the active sentence imposed, twelve years. There is no possibility for 'good time' or 'early release.'
Putting a case like this together involves a lot of investigative work and good communication between task force agents and prosecutors to develop the evidence necessary to pursur the most serious charges available. I appreciate the work of everyone involved in this successful prosecution. We are pleased with the sentence imposed today."

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