Press Release From Lee County Sheriff’s Office Concerning Zachary Montgomery Seymour

According to the latest Press Release from the Lee County’s Sheriffs Office, a Tennessee man with an extensive criminal history was arrested last Thursday after an alert store manager made a call to the Sheriff’s Office in Jonesville.
Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons reports that a man came into the Happy Mart in Jonesville and pumped gas. Once inside to pay he realized he didn’t have enough money. He asked the store manager if he could leave something with her of value until he returned with the money. He came back in with a .380 semi-automatic handgun, unloaded it and gave it to the manager. The alert manager being aware of several gun thefts in the area contacted the Sheriff’s Office. After an investigation by Captain Taylor Scott it was determined that the gun was not stolen, but that the man with the gun was a convicted felon with a very violent criminal history.
According to Parsons, officers waited on the road for the man to return. He was stopped just west of Jonesville and removed from his vehicle at gun point. The man, 40 year old Zachary Montgomery of Corryton, Tennessee was arrested and charged with being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.
Parsons said that a search of the vehicle revealed some items taken in the recent breaking and entering and gun thefts. This led officers to the residence of the person Seymour was staying with which was located near where one of the thefts had occurred. She then gave consent to search the residence. The search revealed two stolen guns from one theft and other items taken in the others (B & E).
Parsons said that Seymour is held in the Duffield Regional Jail without bond.  The investigation continues and more charges are forthcoming in relation to other thefts. Parsons commended all of the officers involved in the investigation and traffic stop and the alert store manager who contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

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