Press Release from Lee County Public School Administration and Lee County School Board

According to the latest press release from the Lee County Public School office of the Division Superintendent, Brian T. Austin in response to numerous media inquiries about a budget development discussion that has been had in Lee County.
Much like other localities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Lee County School Board and Lee County Public School administration are in the process of developing the spending plan for the 2020 fiscal year (FY2020).
The School Board and LCPS constantly strive to best serve the students, staff, and community in the most fiscally responsible manner. This responsibility has and continues to be the result of discussion of options that are available to expand opportunities for all students to experience individual success.
Claims that the School Board has acted to change the high school and middle school formats in Lee County are false and are being spread with no valid basis. These claims are the result of preliminary budget discussion that include many different options that may be considered. There has not been a formal presentation of such an option and, accordingly, the School Board has not acted.
There have been discussions of raises, anticipated insurance premiums, and other budget options. There are numerous options to be considered and the School Board and LCPS will be collecting feedback from the community throughout the process.
While we understand concerns that actions may be taken in isolation and without public feedback and input, this type of action would not be reflective of the service that the current School Board and LCPS provide to the Lee County community.

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