Plans for Schools in Lee County to be Renovated and Revamped

Some schools in Lee County are being renovated and revamped for the first time in decades. The school board's plan to fix facilities was orginially voted down in November so rather than using $47 million towards the creation of entirely new buildings, the school board is instead beginning to renovate roofs on a pay as you go basis.
Lee County School Board Member Rob Hines stated, "Every time we had significant rain, the classrooms had water in them running down the walls, the ceiling, and we had trash cans all over the place. It just wasn't an appropriate learning environment so we had to do something."
Earlier this year, St. Charles Elementary School got a new roof. The board's current project focus is on Thomas Walker High School, Flatwoods Elementary, and Jonesville Middle School. Built in 1939, the Lee County School Board stated that there's no record of Thomas Walker High School ever having it's roof replaced.
The County's School Superintendent Dr. Brian Austin said, "We had a number of leaks and this will address all of them. It's not just the roof, we are also getting guttering as well as the fascia of this to make it more attractive and appealing."
School Board Chairman, Mike Kidwell stated, "I am very excited to see our facilities getting roof replacement and repairs, Because of negligence in the past, our student and employees have dealt with leaking roofs and stepping around trash cans catching rain water for years and our students and employees deserve better."
According to plans, school renovations should be completed before the start of the school year. Once these projects are finished, the next thing school officials plan to work on is fixing the roofs at Lee High School and the Dryden Elementary School.

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