Phase 2 of Project Intersection in Norton City

Norton is the recipient of a grant worth nearly two million dollars, to be used for the development of an industrial site in Norton. These new funds are slated for Phase 2 of Project Intersection, which is located on a former coal mine just off US Highway 23. This second phase will involve preparation of the site for industrial and business use, including road and utility development, grading, and the removal of an existing highwall from previous mining operations.
The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, (the DMME) has awarded Lonesome Pine Regional Industrial Facilities Authority a $1,782,685 grant from the ten million that was awarded to them by the federal government in 2018. The new site will feature broadband service and natural gas access, with enough room for three industrial buildings on the two hundred plus acres that will be changed into developable land.

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