Pennington Rescue Squad’s Yearly Activity Report 2018

The Pennington Rescue Squad’s yearly activity report for the 2018 year listed:
1,455 total dispatches of which 1,105 patients were transported.
344 of those dispatches resulted in the patient refusing transportation or used other means of transportation.
21 patients were transported to funeral homes.
23 dispatch calls were cancelled before the arrival of the transport unit.
9 patients were transported into Police custody.
40 patients were transferred to air ambulance services.
As to the coverage area of service provided by the Pennington Gap Rescue Squad:
Pennington Gap had 694 calls
Jonesville had 341 calls.
Dryden had 167 calls.
Keokee had 36 calls.
17 calls for Thomas Walker
Jasper had 57 calls, with 2 calls in Big Stone Gap and one call to the Scott County service area.

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