Pennington Gap Town Council Meeting

The Pennington Gap Town Council met Monday for their regular meeting and appointed Jimmy Warner to fill the remainder of Keith Harless’s term. The council voted to hold a special election in November of next year to defray election costs if necessary. Harless was appointed director of OSHA for the towns water and sewer plant, effective immediately.

Jeff Cochran of the Lane Group said more than 200 riders attended the opening of the AtV on the 10th. Tiger Coleman noted that a large number of permits were sold and the town was very full on Saturday after the opening.
Dale Gilbert requested a solution to the excessive number of buzzards resting on a cell tower causing damages to property. The board passed Jill Carson’s motion to declare a related health hazard, followed by obtaining a permit.

Vendors are now allowed to set up for profit at the farmers market lot in east Pennington Gap. The board reported that the RV Park is now complete with advertisers being allowed to place banners along the fences under the direction of Keith Harless.

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