Pennington Gap Town Council Approves Solid Waste Ordinances

At their latest meeting, the Pennington Gap Town Council voted on and approved some related changes to the ordinances concerning the containment of and removal of solid waste. These new changes will apply to household, commercial and institutional customers.
These changes require household to utilize containers supplied by the town for their solid waste. There is a provision included that if for some reason it isn’t possible to provide a container then 1.5 millimeter trash bags, no larger than thirty gallon size could be used or other trash cans.
Both of these new ordinances require that businesses and households which are determined to have excessive waste will also be required to pay for an additional trash dumpster. According to Town Manager Brian Skidmore, several trash dumpsters have already been placed in several locations as part of their trial run. Adding that the changes were made to help reduce the possibility of contamination and the spread of disease to town employees, with the added benefit of cleaner sites for area residents.
Matthew Johnson offered insight into the new ordinance which is affecting the residents of his mobile home park. Adding that his residents already pay for trash pickup services to the town and receive curbside pickup close to their dwellings, which for those with physical restrictions is necessary and preferred to carrying it to a central communal location. Johnson went on to mention that the recent placement of a trash dumpster during the trial run has already resulted in an accident with an individual having backed their vehicle into it.
Skidmore offered the information that some dumpsters could be relocated if necessary. He went on to state that anyone with a physical need could contact the Pennington Gap Town Hall and arrange for their trash to be collected.
Town of Pennington Gap Mayor and Vice Mayor were both on hand to offer comments that suggest working with everyone to ensure the satisfaction of both safety for town employees and convenience to area residents.

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