Pennington Gap Town Council Approves New Water and Sewage Rates

At their last Public Hearing the Pennington Gap Town Council vote for the new rate table was accepted and became effective for fiscal year 2018-2019 for Town of Pennington Gap customers.  In addition to the new base rates, the reconnect fee for disconnected services is $125. Sewage rates for the line from the Lee County Medical Center to Ben Hur are billed by Pennington Gap and set by the Lee County Public Service Authority.
The following rates apply to the first 1500 gallons of water that are used:
1,500 Gallons              Base is           Per Thousand Over Base
In Town Water              $12.61          $5.99
Out of Town Water       $14.71          $7.04
In Town Sewage           $17.86          $4.94
Out of Town Sewage    $21.85         $5.93

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