Pennington Gap Town Council

The Pennington Gap Town Council voted on and approved a new leash law following the Public Hearing on the same ordinance. Only one person offered comment on the proposed leash law and he was in support of it.
Another resident, Ty Harber expressed appreciation for the Greenway and went on to suggest the relocation of refuse cans that are currently situated next to benches. Adding that since these containers often have sugary refuse in them that attracts bees and wasps it would be wiser to distance the containers from the benches. On another note, Harber suggested the council look into some kind of lighting for the Greenway which would allow people an opportunity to use it after sunset.
Harless announced that repairs on the Greenway were going well and should be completed soon. Repairs in the form of reinforcing the river bank after flooding occurred. Additionally the Scouts in the River Cleanup along the Greenway is planned for Saturday April 27th.
The Pennington Gap Town Council voted on and approved designating May 6-10th as Spring Clean Up Week, encouraging town residents to contact the Town Hall at 276-546-1177 for debris, trash and tree trimmings pick up.
On the matter of cleaning up properties in the town limits, the lowest bid was accepted by the council from Tri-State Mowing for maintenance. Assistant Town Manager Skidmore asked for the advertisement of a seasonal work position for a few more weeks in an effort to increase the amount of applications.
This was followed by the various departments submitting their monthly written reports to the council members.  One of the reports that related to the grant funded water meter replacement project is already paying off with the lowest water loss accountability amounts of just 25% for the month of March.
On the matter of the Volunteer Fire Department, Skidmore stated that they would be moving equipment into their new facility in Woodway. As for the repairs to a recently damaged fire truck, it was described as nearly complete with the exception of some lettering.

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