Pennington Football Hero Cahrged with Fraud

Randy Jenkins was born in Pennington Gap and starred in four sports in High School locally before going on to the University of Kentucky to be the quarterback on its football team where he was also a punter. He signed with the Dallas Cowboys and was backup punter and pushing for backup quarterback when an ankle injury forced his retirement from football. He went into contracting and his license was revoked for gross dishonesty and he was indicted for passing bad checks. Now he’s in trouble again. The 53 year-old Jenkins was arrested for theft by deception with withdrawing money he didn’t have from accounts at two banks in Harlan. He took 23 thousand from the Home Federal Bank of Harlan and 49 hundred from the Bank of Harlan. Two years ago in Scott County he was given a suspended sentence on check fraud charges on the condition he submit to 10 months of home monitoring and 3 years probation.

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