Pennington adopts new parking offense and ATV fines

The Town of Pennington Gap voted on March 21 to increase the fines for all parking offenses, and approved fines for ATV offenses. The fines are as follows:

parking in a no parking zone, double parking, improper parking, parking in a loading zone, parking at fire hydrant, parking on sidewalk, directional parking, blocking driveway, and parking in fire lane is a $20 fine

parking in a handicapped zone is a $150 fine

riding ATV on roadway on unapproved day is $60 fine

ATV on Roadway without permit is $50 fine

rinding ATV without helmet is $20 fine

riding ATV in restricted area is a $60 fine

All offenses must be paid within 24 business hours at Town Hall located at 528 Industrial Drive, Pennington Gap, VA 24277. If fines are not paid in the time alloted, a warrant will be issued for the owner of the motor vehicle that was ticketed, as well as the operator of an ATV that is ticketed. The fines imposed have been adopted by Town Council by recommendation of Town Attorney.

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