Overnight felony arrest leads to marijuana and cash find


An overnight felony arrest has led to the discovery of over two pounds of processed marijuana along with cash and other drug paraphernalia.

Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons reports that overnight his officers along with officers of the Pennington Gap Police Department went to serve a felony warrant on James (Tank) Stapleton for possession with intent to distribute marijuana which had been taken by the Pennington Gap Police Department.

Parsons said that the officers went to the residence of 30 year old Danielle Newton of 149 Miles Hollow Road Pennington Gap, where Stapleton was believed to be staying. Once at the residence officers smelled the strong odor of marijuana, they then asked Miss Newton for consent to search, which was given. After gaining entry officers discovered Stapleton asleep in the Living room.

According to Parsons Officers also saw processed marijuana along with cash and paraphernalia lying on a dresser near Stapleton. After further investigation officers discovered an even larger quantity of marijuana hidden inside a heating stove.

Parsons said that besides the original charge Stapleton was also charged with child endangerment as an eight year old child was in the room with Stapleton. He was also charged with another possession with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. Newton was charged with child endangerment, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Parsons said That Newton is held in the Duffield Jail on a $5000.00 bond while Stapleton is held with no bond. Parsons also commended his officers Lt. Todd Jones deputies Chris Dill man and Chad Rouse and Pennington Gap officers Joel Duncan and Jonathan Gwinn for their good work.

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