Overdose Death Review Process Teams

Delegate Todd Pillion for the Commonwealth of Virginia, is wanting a death review process team in cases of overdose deaths. Pillion stated "We know it's a terrible crisis that is affecting every community and every family in the Commonwealth. We're working hard to make sure we do what's necessary to fight against it."
The propsed teams would consist of medical experts, social services, mental health and law enforcement personnel. Those as well as others who might be considered stakeholders in the community that would be able to assist in the investigations.
Bristol, Virginia Detective Sgt. Steve Crawford stated that they have seen a rise in opiod overdoses, further commenting "It can only help any agency in this area to combat this problem. It's hard to combat this when these things are obtained illegally a lot of times."
One problem law enforcement has is keeping track of the statistics because a lot of patients are transported to the nearest hospital which often is across state lines simply because that is the closest hospital.

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