Operation Frostbite Targets Local Drug Offenders

Targeting local drug offenders in a series of arrest in Wise County, Virginia is one way that law enforcement is handling the drug addiction problem. With the crackdown on the illegal use of presciption medication this may also create another cycle of abuse.
Commonwealth Attorney, Chuck Slemp stated "By limiting the supply of drugs, our hope is that it limits the individuals who become addicted. We're able to break up that network and stop the distribution network, so that hopefully drugs don't wind up in the hands of kids or on the street or in the community."
The latest roundup included eighty people with more than 110 indictments and 200 charges. All of it, a part of a multi-agency roundup entitled 'Operation Frostbite.' The Commonwealth has made progress in fighting synthetic drugs and prescription opiods, but there's still a lot to do, especially with the new increase in meth cases.
Norton City Police Chief James Lane stated, "Drug usage doesn't stop at boundary lines. It doesn't stop where your jurisidiction stops. It extends on. It even goes into surrounding states, so it really takes a team effort." Chief Lane estimates that 85-95% of crimes in the city have drug related activity involved, which is usual for much of Wise County.
Coeburn Police Chief, Scott Brooks stated, "It just seems like Coeburn is sometimes the hot spot for drugs. We're doing all we can to combat that." Both Police Chiefs agreed that crack downs and roundups like these severe a connection to dealers.

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