Old Mill Apartment Building Fire

The Pennington Gap Fire Department responded to an apartment fire last Friday morning. The building known as the “Old Mill Apartment” has experienced fires in the past. This recent fire resulted in one person being trapped in their smoke filled apartment, and required rescuing by dedicated firefighters Chris Collins and Joseph Stapleton with a ladder.
Members also expressed thanks to Dryden and Jonesville Fire Departments, Rescue Squads, and area Police Departments for their assistance. More than half a dozen families have been displaced because of the fire. Local authorities think one possible cause for the fire can be attributed to the use of a heater in one of the apartments. Fortunately there were no injuries and the Red Cross was called in to assist the affected families.
Area fire departments would like to remind everyone to check the batteries in their smoke alarms. Reminding you, that roughly one quarter of all smoke alarm failures, are because of dead batteries. With the cooler weather, more residents will be turning on their heat sources for the first time this year, so make it a point to check everything is up to par, including the batteries in your smoke alarms.


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