Officials expect more workplaces to mandate vaccines & An Easy Way to Get Vaccination Records

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to provide full licensure of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine sometime in September, and with that, many are expecting more and more employers to require proof of vaccination as a term of employment.  Just in the past few weeks, we have seen a reaction to the rise in positive cases across the Commonwealth, especially in our area.  The CDC recognizes our area as experiencing substantial levels of community transmission and this poses a real problem for employers.

In the past week, there has been a reaction to the positivity rate by many employers in the state along with a new executive order by Ralph Northam we mentioned earlier in the week.  This executive order will require all state employees, with the exception of K-12 staff and the judicial branch, to be able to show proof of vaccination.

The one thing for those who have been vaccinated is the worry that they may have misplaced their vaccination card and do not know where to get a copy of their record.  Luckily, the Virginia Department of Health has created a website that will allow Virginians to download their record.  We tested this site and it has pulled every record we have asked for and seems to work easily, even for those that are not as computer savvy.  The site only asks for a small amount of information, and a way to verify identity via a text or phone call with the number on record with your vaccination.  We were able to retrieve valid information from the VDH in under a minute.  A link to the VDH Vaccination Record website is available from a link below. 

Search for your Immunization Record (

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