ODU giving away redbud tree seedlings

Old Dominion Power Co. will give away redbud tree seedlings on April 21 from its office location in Norton.

Customers may pick up two seedlings beginning at 9 a.m. while the supply lasts, generally until late morning. There will be 750 seedlings available to be shared among the Norton and Pennington Gap offices.

Mature redbuds have pink or purple blossoms in early spring and splash the landscapes of Virginia with vibrant color this time of year. The giveaway program is part of ODP’s efforts to support the planting of native trees in appropriate locations with its The Right Tree, The Right Place program.

Tree limbs falling on power lines is one of the major causes of power outages. The redbud is a relatively small tree when it reaches maturity, so its limbs don’t interfere with power lines.

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