Norton Surgeon on Tennessee Department of Health Disciplinary Report

After a registered nurse was sanctioned for having a blood alcohol content level four times the legal limit while working at a home for developmentally disabled people by the Tennessee Department of Health Disciplinary Report, The list went on to include a surgeon that had withheld information related to an alcohol-related incident that took place in Norton, Virginia.
Shona Parkins, RN, admitted to drinking vodka before showing up for work, and has had her license suspended since November 20th for several causes. These causes included unprofessional conduct and being unfit or incompetent by reason of negligence, habits or other cause.
Locally, Dr. Lance Dozier, a surgeon at the Norton Community Hospital, has been reprimanded and fined four hundred dollars for failing to report several items on his Tennessee practitioner profile. Dozier had been arrested for driving while intoxicated in Virginia in April of 2018, while on call at two separate hospitals. The charge was reduced to reckless driving.
The Virginia Board of Medicine found Dozier “unable to practice with reasonable skill and safety due to illness or substance abuse,” according to a 2019 consent order. He entered into the Virginia Health Practitioners Monitoring Program after a 2019 consent order with the board that reported, Dozier had tested a .214 on a breathalyzer test but refused a follow up test.
Citing Dozier’s failure to include the reckless driving conviction on his practitioner profile and answering “no” to a criminal conviction question on his 2019 Tennessee Medical Renewal Application, it also lists failure to include a 2014 Malpractice Liability Settlement of $150,000 on his practitioner profile, as well as a 2015 settlement of $175,000.


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