Norton Police Chief Enlists Aid from Virginia State Police

Now with a third sexual harassment allegation against football coach from John I. Burton High School Jim Adams, Norton City Police Chief James Lanes said that they have called the Virginia State Police in to help with the investigation. This case is the third student to make a complaint against Adams, and the fourth to involve Adams and a student.
According to Superintendent Gina Wohlford, Adams is still employed and at present he has not been asked nor required by the school division to perform his assigned duties.  Additionally, while it was recommended by Wohlford to not renew Adam’s coaching contract, he was indeed voted in to keep him as the high school’s football coach. Adams has since been transferred from John I. Burton to Norton Elementary and Middle School.
Adams had been investigated by the Norton Police and local Social Services Department last April, after it was reported that he had thrown a stapler at a male student along with an allegation that he had made inappropriate comments to a female student regarding her appearance. The third allegation claimed that he had struck another female student on the bottom with a rolled up piece of paper. In a recent school board meeting, two former students claimed that Adams had made inappropriate comments towards them while they were students in his classroom.
The male student declined not to file charges against Adams and the female student’s allegations were deemed as not “prosecutable”, although it was stated that his conduct was inappropriate.

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