Norton Jenkins Couple Sentenced on Drug Charges

Norton City couple, 37 year old Grover Jenkins, and 33 year old Amber Jenkins were recently sentenced on charges resulting from the methamphetamine distribution ring investigation.
Wise County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chuck Slemp III, related that the couple was sentenced recently in Wise County Circuit Court for their part in the distribution ring, that was conducted out of their residence.
Grover was sentenced to ten years with five years and nine months suspended on his six counts of methamphetamine distribution, and possession with intent to distribute. Grover also faces an additional ten years of probation after his release.
Amber Jenkins was sentenced to six years, with two years and six months suspended and an additional two years of supervised probation upon release on two countys of methamphetamine distribution and one count of conspiracy to distribute and one count of possession with intent to distribute.
Both Jenkins’ were found convicted of their crimes in May. Chuck Slemp added that the charges were from a 2018 investigation by Southwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Forced agents who purchased meth from the pair.


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