Norton Community Unveils HealthPlex Facility

Norton Community Hospital and Mountain States Health Alliance unveiled their brand new HealthPlex facility, along witt other upgrades during grand opening ceremonies on Thursday. MSHA's $13.1 million investment is now a complex of facilities and medical services including the 39,000 square foot HealthPlex facility located just below the main hospital building. The upgrades included a First Assist Urgent Care clinic within the main building and expansion of the hospital's emergency department.

With these latest additions, MSHA has invested $45 million in NCH since the hospital joined Mountain States in 2007.

The new HealthPlex facility is home to a wide range of health and wellness services and providers including the FitOne Wellness Center, Mountain States Pharmacy at NCH, OccuMed Health Center, Community Physicians Norton, Community Orthopedics, Community Home Care, outpatient rehab services and cariac/pulmonary rehab services. First Assist Urgent Care, due to open soon and located adjacent to the hospital's ER in the main building, includes four treatment rooms and a separate entrance, waiting area, and a lab and nurse/provider station to provide fast, high quality care to patients with urgent but less serious ailments.

The latest ER expansion and renovation includes an additional six patient rooms for a total of 18, and a more efficient floor plan and ambulance bay. Last year the NCH emergency department treated 23,000 patients. Hospital officials said having an ER and an urgent care clinic next to each other will increase overall efficiencies and make sure patients are directed to the right place for appropriate treatment faster than ever before, with urgent matters directed to First Assist and true emergencies to the ER.

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