Norton City Resident Addresses City Council

Nearby in Norton, a local resident wants the city to get involved regarding numerous concerns on her street. Delores Bolling attended the city council’s meeting in order to bring to their attention current conditions on Hillcrest Drive, a short residential street off Kentucky Avenue. This one lane narrow street is currently a dead end route but Bolling stated that the route gets a lot of traffic and that she’s had issues with people blocking her driveway or dumping debris onto her property.
In addition to those frustrations, close to her home are two burned out houses that reduce the value of her home and that she believes one house may even be occupied. With incidents of trash burning past the allotted times she also complained that snow removal by city crews doesn’t reach to her house.
Last year she phoned city hall numerous times and spoke with City Manager Fred Ramey about potholes, and they were filled in within hours of her call. While Bolling acknowledges the City of Norton is currently focused on downtown revitalization efforts, she asserted that Norton is more than just downtown and if officials want to encourage tourism, they should fix issues in other areas.
After her comments, the City Council expressed gratitude for her alerting them to her concerns.

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