Norton ABC Store #137

Norton’s Alcoholic Beverage Control store is still in the same location, this comes after a planned move that was begun six months ago.  ABC Store #137 had planned to reopen in June after its move from the VA-KY Regional Shopping Center located near Walmart on Highway 58 East. The new location is said to have their ABC sign up, but the store shelves are empty.
ABC officials cite delays in getting phone, security and internet service in their newest location. Virginia ABC spokesperson, Dawn Eischen said that at this time, there was no set date for the relocation.  According to officials, the Norton ABC Store #137 is the highest selling of the three stores that serve Norton and Wise.
In their annual report for 2019, the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control store, they have reached one billion dollars in revenue for the first time ever in 2019. In addition to selling almost seventy-one million bottles, with gross sales more than sixty-seven million dollars above the previous fiscal year.
Statiscally according to Virginia ABC, this marks twenty-one years in a row of record making sales, with almost half of the 2019 fiscal year revenue ending up in the state's General Fund. The General Fund is typically used for projects like, education, health and human resources for the state.

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