No Charges in Mauling Death of Infant Girl

After an in depth investigation into the death of an 8 day old girl infant as the result of mauling by the family dog, the Commonwealth's Attorney for Lee County has decided not to press formal charges. H. Fuller Cridlin, the Commonwealth's Attorney stated,"(the incident was) simply a horrific tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the child that died."
Apparently the infant's mother placed the child in a bassinet in the bedroom around noon on March 7th while she was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch. Upon hearing the baby crying she entered the bedroom and found one of her dogs a Malamute/wolf hybrid standing over the baby. She immediately sought medical help.
It was revealed that the dog received regular veterinarian care and had never shown any signs of aggression to other children in the home, the vet or his employees.
Under the law no canine or canine crossbreed is considered to be dangerous solely because it's a particular breed, nor is the ownership of such an animal prohibited.

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