Nine Discarded Dogs Found Shot and Abandoned

Recently a woman driving home spotted nine dogs alongside the road. When she stopped to investigate she found two of them had been shot dead but she and her daughter were able to feed four of the others even though they were obviously frightened.
She was able to rescue the remaining dogs the next day and took them to the Russell and Scott County Animal Shelters. She was saddened to learn that it wasn't the first time dogs had been left for dead recently. People have been throwing them out of running vehicles, dropping them in the woods, and either abandoning or killing them.
Scott County Animal Shelter Officer, Jake Dougherty stated "A good portion of our animals that we pick up are dogs that have just been dropped off and abandoned by people."
Apparently one neighbor saw the dogs but chose to do nothing, additionally people often turn their heads and don't speak up in these situations which is so senseless and cruel.
According to the Scott County Animal Shelter there are no leads at this time. Authorities have sent the shell casings in for DNA testing but that could take 12 months to get the results.

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