New Adoption Fee Possible at Scott County Animal Shelter

Those looking for a new furry friend are always encouraged to adopt an animal from their local shelter. Over in Gate City, anyone adopting an animal from the Scott County Animal Shelter may soon need to pay an adoption fee.
This proposal was submitted by Jake Dougherty of the Scott County Animal Shelter at the most recent Wise County Board of Supervisor’s meeting. Although shelter animals can currently be adopted free of charge, this new proposal would establish a thirty dollar adoption fee for each animal, along with fees for rescue groups and others that take animals from the shelter.
According to Dougherty, the adoption fee was submitted as part of their new wellness program at the shelter in which animals are vaccinated by the staff for serious diseases such as Parvo and Distemper as they are admitted to the shelter. Currently these vaccinations and their cost has been absorbed by the shelter, but staff believe the proposed Adoption Fee would help to alleviate the burden of at least a portion of these vaccinations and other necessary veterinarian care that is sometimes required. This would save potential animal adopters money on the vaccines that they would otherwise need to pay for at a veterinarian’s office.
Also submitted was a proposed fee for owners that have lost an animal which ends up at the shelter, the Return to Owner Fee is currently $3 a day, but because of the new Wellness Policy and Vaccines that the animal receives, staff have suggested raising the fee to $13 for the first day and $3 for each additional day.
There has also been a $10 fee for the Scott County Humane Society, which takes some animals from the shelter and puts them with rescue groups. Currently the Humane Society takes animals free of charge, but has to pay for their vaccines.
County Attorney Sally Kegley related that the Board of Supervisors would need to hold a Public Hearing to be able to change the Animal Control Ordinance to reflect the Adoption Fee, which will take place next month.

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