Murderer serving time in Wallens Ridge may have detail about cold case murders

A convicted murderer serving 6 life sentences in Wallens Ridge State Prison has told a North Carolina newspaper he knows details about two local cold cases that have long stumped investigators. Freddie P. Hammer Hammer wrote them a letter alluding to the murders of Timothy Shatley and Julie Lovette. In a correspondence with his attorney, Hammer confirmed his desire to meet with the Ashe County Sheriff’s office to discuss details that could bring closure to the families of the victims.

Shatley was found shot in his vehicle in November of 2005. Lovette has been missing since 2001, but her body was never found.

Hammer was convicted of the 2008 shooting of Ronald Hudler, 74, his son Frederick Hudler, 45, and employee John Miller, 25, during a robbery on Hudler’s Tree Farm just across the Ashe County line into Grayson County, Va. He was later convicted in 2010 for the shooting murder of his nephew, Jimmy Blevins of Crumpler, who had been missing since 2007. Hammer confessed and told authorities where to find Blevins’ body in exchange for avoiding the death penalty.

Ashe County Sheriff James Williams said investigators have spoke with Hammer before and question his sincerity in actually divulging any worthwhile information about the two cases, as they have already met with him multiple times, but have not found a shred of credible information to link him to either death. They are, however, still willing to talk to Hammer.

Hammer wrote in the letter, "I have nothing left to live for."

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