Moonshine in Jonesville and Drugs in Pound

A joint undercover operation relying on cooperation between alcohol beverage regulators in Tennessee and Virginia resulted in a Lee County man being arrested for possessing moonshine and more than 20 firearms.
Winston Delano Terry, 73, of Jonesville, will likely face numerous felony and misdemeanor indictments after agents executed a search warrant at his home in the 700 block of Flatwoods Road following a four-month investigation, Virginia ABC officials reported. After undercover operatives made numerous buys during the long investigation, the State Police in conjunction with Special Agent in Charge Steve Baffuto raided the property.
Finding and seizing jars of product adding up to 67 gallons of moonshine, along with 22 guns and one vehicle (a 2011 Kia Soul). Special Agent in Charge Steve Baffuto said information supplied by colleagues in Tennessee led investigators to Winston Delano Terry who Agent Baffuto said made several deals with undercover operatives.
The agency plans to meet with the Lee County Commonwealth Attorney's office to bring criminal charges against Terry. Virginia’s ABC Chief Operating officer Travis Hill praised Agent Baffuto and his team stating, “This successful law enforcement operation is an excellent example of collaborative policing and the results it can obtain for public safety.
All of this following the recent find in Pound, Virginia after another lengthy drug investigation found black tar heroin, crystal meth, mushrooms, marijuana and LSD along with a vast weapons collection with over one thousand rounds of ammo at a home on Right Fork Road.
No arrests have been made as yet, but they did locate a billfold, containing more than seven hundred dollars in cash, in a bedroom floor safe they believe to be the suspects. The confiscated weapons included several rifles and handguns along with a tear gas gun as reported by Chief of Police Tony Baker. Anyone with information on this investigation is urged to call 276-298-7020.

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