Monthly Vacation Contest for Virginia Veterans

Locally today in the news is a special Veteran’s program for Virginian Vets with PTSD, made possible by the Commonwealth of Virginia. All local veterans are encouraged to contact Spearhead Trails for their chance to win a free two day excursion for you and your friends and family. This vacation on the trail will be tailored to meet your own and your group’s needs.
Spearhead Trails will be giving away one vacation package a month for an entire year. Each vacation package is worth one thousand dollars, and can include machine rentals, hotel or cabin stays, tickets to area activities, a guide, gift cards to be used for food and fuel.
This monthly vacation giveaway contest is to help our veterans with PTSD find healing in out mountains and to bring much needed attention to this cause so that more of our Veterans will seek treatment.
Preference will be given to those groups containing multiple veterans that reside within Virginia dealing with PTSD. For additional information or to register, please contact them at or, or by phone at 276-220-9875 or 276-807-7581.


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