Middlesboro Bingo Halls Wanting Exemption From Smoking Ban

Representatives for Bingo halls in Middleboro are pushing for exemption from the city-wide smoking ban that went into effect on August 24th. They claim sales have sharply declined since implementing the new rule. As these sites operate under various non-profit organizations, such as local churches and clubs, they hope the exemption will be put in place to bring sales back up, thereby increasing the proceeds to these organizations.

Petitions can be found at the bingo halls, one for Middlesboro residents and another for those living outside the city. Players come from Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee, some riding several hours on a bus.

Petitions in support of the exemption status can be found at local bingo halls. There are two separate types of petitions — one for Middlesboro residents and one for those who live outside of the city. Bingo players come from not only surrounding cities in Kentucky, but from Virginia and Tennessee as well. Some groups ride a bus for several hours to come to Middlesboro to play bingo.

Bingo representatives are so eager to bring players back that they are asking smokers and non-smokers alike to attend the next Middlesboro City Council Meeting to support the exemption.

Bingo representatives have been asking players to attend the upcoming sub-committee meeting on Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. at Middlesboro City Hall. No action can be taken at the sub-committee meeting. The next regularly scheduled Middlesboro City Council meeting is scheduled for Oct. 20 at 7 p.m..

The smoke-free distance around the bingo hall is the same as all other businesses in Middlesboro — no smoking within 20 feet of any entrance or exit.


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