MEOC raises more than $13,000 at end of season emergency fuel fundraiser

MEOC's Heartwarming Sunday raised more than $13,000 at the annual event on the 14th.

More than 52 churches and individuals participated, providing the fuel fund with $13,404. Many churches could not participate because an additional 3-5 inches of snow was forecast for that day.
MEOC reminds all churches, church groups and the faith community at large that contributions can be made at any time and that churches can collect their own Hearthwarming Sunday offerings, particularly those which were unable to do so on Valentine’s Day.
The Emergency Fuel Fund assists elderly households caught in a heating cost bind from Oct. 1 through March 31 each season. One of MEOC’s longest running programs, supported completely through donations with every penny going to help households in dire straights during the winter months, the fund provides one-time assistance of up to $300 per season to each elderly household in need.
MEOC assists older persons in Wise, Lee and Scott counties and the city of Norton. Fuel fund payments are made directly to vendors to purchase heating oil, kerosene, gas, electricity, wood or coal.
The fund typically disburses around $160,000 each season to help elderly households deal with an emergency heating situation. MEOC said each year the number of people who ask for help increases.

MEOC relies on its Hearthwarming Sunday event each year to resupply the Fuel Fund coffers that are near depletion nearing the end of the season, while requests for help still come in. Donations will allow MEOC to continue to respond to requests for assistance through the end of March.

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