Low Income Assistance

You could be eligible for programs that can help you afford basic needs. Aging can be challenging, but paying your bills shouldn’t be. Find Help. On average there are four programs that help with income assistance benefits, three food and nutrition benefit programs, twelve housing and utilities benefits programs and nine other assistance programs for an individual who earns less than a thousand dollars a month.
Some of the potential benefits you could be missing out on are Social Security, Old Age, Survivors, Disability. Supplemental Security Income, Federal Retirement System, Railroad retirement and others. You may also qualify for SNAP, a program that helps you to buy necessary food for good health, Emergency Food Assistance program which provides assistance thru local food pantries or soup kitchens, Feeding American network has meals and deliveries available to anyone who needs is without obligation and is free and confidential.
These are just a few options available to people that may need a little assistance to make ends meet. Find out more by contacting your local Department of Social Services Office.

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